Will It

When I was beginning as a craftsperson, I had many questions. Unfortunately, I avoided most of them because I was afraid they indicated how bad I was. On the other hand, fortunately, I was unable to evade all of them. Facing these questions was the only road I had to go forward.

At that time I thought that as I grew more mature in my work, the questions would lessen in severity and number. This has not proven to be the case. The farther I go, the more questions I have, and the greater their effect on my work and designs.

Connect with this the fact that the future is finally a closed book at which we never arrive, and it helps me to know the questions will never stop. The picture for today is a case in point. I am trying to make a box for ashes (my deceased wife’s actually). Her name is Sharon, and I decided to put a rose of Sharon on the top of the box.