Why Mystery

I believe it is in his Brief History of Time that Stephen Hawking wrote that the deepest questions about reality revolve not around how it all got to be here, but why there is reality.  He implied that scientists can begin to look at the how of the universe, but have yet to broach the why.

That there is a that, in other words, is a far more profound statement than the ones we find delving into how there is a that.  What or who is reaching out through us and our surrounding world and to what purpose?

I’m sitting in a pavilion near the school our grandchildren attend.  It’s the first afternoon in late winter when I can sit outside.  I noticed today that the giant pussywillow in back of my shop is putting out its little furs and gleaming in the sunrise.  My craft as a means of support and expression is my way to engage in this story which I do not comprehend, but of which I am indelibly a part.  I cannot say why I am part of it – only how I am in some limited fashion.  As it is for everyone else, the why of mystery is hidden from me, and like everyone else, that makes me more firmly a participant with all in our common mystery’s unfolding majesty.

The Night Skies Room Screen
Walnut with Maple and Bloodwood Inlays
5′ x 6′

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