When Spooky Things Are Seen

My wife and I stream our entertainment through a Roku device. Also, we get whatever we can free. This means that we see commercials (sometimes 120 seconds worth at once) that repeat themselves. One which has been going the rounds is about a group of young people who are in a horror film. When given the choice of getting into a running car or going into a shed behind some chainsaws, they choose the shed, and the voiceover makes the point that people in horror films always make bad decisions.

I have noticed with my craft that there are several places in general where bad decisions can be made. At the end of a project, I’m a fussbudget. I can’t seem to let the thing go and will try to overfix things that show more when the finish goes on than if I just left them alone.

In other words, I forget that there is lurking in the piece a beautiful grain that will pop when the finish is added. The wood can speak for itself. It’s as though there is a ghost in the piece waiting to be let free. With every piece, it’s Halloween and spooky things are seen.