When It’s Done

The above phrase touches my life wherever craft enters. It refers to the phrase which is most appropriate when the question of the timing of the finished product is asked by myself, a client or a bystander. With the furniture I make, I have found that patience is a virtue. The above phrase is also relevant between processes. Most of the time it’s important to finish one step before scheduling the next.

Likewise, this phrase impacts the roots of my work. All of us are working in a marketplace where we have made a bet that we have the fundamental skills that will enable us to trade with others for support. The more out of the mainstream our works are and the less people with us in our endeavor, the sharper this issue becomes. Most of the people around me, for instance, work for a big company and fit into a defined job (e.g. truck driver, computer operator, maid, etc.). This spreads the risk and standardizes the timeline to finish the product.

Finally, “When it’s done,” calls for a discipline which leads to trust in the work and hope as I go on. Everyone who’s dealt with discipline-fueled trust and hope knows they lead to love. “When it’s done,” is the fount of the love I have for my craft.