When A Plan Comes Together

My son, when he was a boy, loved The A-Team. All kinds of phrases became common around our house either through the T.V. or repeated by him. “I pity da fool,” and “I love it when a plan comes together,” are two examples that I can remember. These were comic book statements in comic book world. Mr.T, who played B.A. Barrakas, turned out to be a sensitive person who courageously overcame cancer. George Peppard turned out to be a man who dealt with mortality in a serious and authentic way.

This phrase, removed from the comic book venue, tells us that life is not only unravelling, but also it can be a place where forces and wills work together to cause unity and coordination. Today, you see a larger piece we have made on commission, a chest of drawers. It is a combination of our skills, our history and steady work. Trees grew up for it. Covid-19 was overcome during its development. This piece is an example of a plan coming together in a world that was not wholly cooperative.