What Now?

Okay, so I messed up. What now?

I sold a copy of my big cherry table and made a new one. This new one had a mistake in it (a screw pierced the surface of the lower shelf). I also had to refinish the top. In the process, I tried to sand out the place where the pierce came through. It never covered up and eventually finished a different color. What now?

The table retails at $400.00. I don’t feel that I can just ignore it, but what to do? Right now, I’m trying to come up with a surface attachment that will enhance the design. The swoop suggests a futuristic type of thought. It also gives a sense of movement and possibly speed. Perhaps I can try some kind of lightning like shape that will give it more direction in its design.

I think I’m on the verge of learning something as long as I don’t leap before I look. I’ve got to let it cook a little and see what bubbles up. Right now, a solution is closed to me.

What now?