Water Furniture

This is a set of nesting tables with a wiggle in their legs. It’s made of walnut with a bloodwood and maple horn o’plenty inlaid on the top. The effect I was aiming for is furniture standing in water. When a person looks at the tables stacked together, they do give the illusion of water at their bases.

Now what got me to this design? Who ever heard of furniture made to look as though it’s standing in water. Mostly, I think I was just looking for something different, something everyone didn’t have. I’ve sold a set of these, and it didn’t take all that long.

I am not a designer who either knows a lot of traditional designs or uses them. I’ve tried to work with my own inspiration. Over time, it has enabled me to reach out for pieces of furniture that are the result of my own thoughts and heart for better or for worse.

I hope this water furniture is for better.