Using Our Powers for Good

Every once in a while one of my family members (sometimes me) runs into some tough going. That person will get frustrated and begin to be mad. Now, that’s one of those “ad” words that give me a guideline when things seem to be on the line: mad, sad, glad, bad. I’ve learned to avoid these things because the second I indulge in any or several of them the bottom falls out. Mad, for instance, usually leads to enlarging the problem, not eradicating it.  Frustration, as I experience craftsmanship, is a frequent occurrence. Something always seems to be going wrong. Yesterday, for example, I spent over an hour searching through my shop (with plenty of cat help) for a piece of 8/4 cherry. Finally, nope, not there. This, in turn, added to the number of things I have to do this week.  One thing I have also learned is that frustration is generally accompanied by some abundance. This may seem trivial at the time because I want what I’m trying to find, but after a bit, it grows in importance. For instance, in this case, I actually have the resources to get the item, and I need it for a job I have been asked to do. Finally, I’ve got the skill to shape it into the pieces I need for the work. If I’ll use my powers for good, I’ll realize these benefits.