Two Baskets

Our picture for today is my daughter standing next a stone egg. This was taken at the Cornell Bird Sanctuary in Ithaca, NY last weekend. The egg is made of dry-laid slate meticulously fitted together. My daughter is made partly of me unglued most of the time.

They are appropriately together for the purpose of this newsletter because I’ve always been told not to put my eggs in one basket, in other words, to have a Plan B. Lori, my daughter, is a creativity consultant. I must say that at first I wondered what that was when it was at home. That was until I took the leap and had her consult me. She helped me break through several barriers that were keeping me from growing as an artisan. She has taught me to identify the decisions which have to be made and the ones that can be set aside. She has also helped me to define a Plan B.

My grandson, Eric, has always had a bad habit of blowing up when his plans don’t work out according to the way he thinks they should. From early days, I combated this by encouraging him to have a plan B. When things didn’t work out, I’d ask him what his plan B was. If he had one, we moved to it seamlessly.

All of us need two baskets.