The World at Night

The title of the piece you see today is the same as the title for this article. It’s my version of a creche, I suppose. It’s meant, among other things, to represent a light in the world, but not of the world. The grain of the walnut is meant to represent the brokenness of the world, unable in itself to create the light I’m depicting.

My own sense of this light comes from a give and take with its source. I know this sounds a little mystical and vague, but it is really my experience. I get it through wood mostly, the people around me, and my prayers.

For me, the world at night is not frightening. I find in it a voice and presence that goes in a different direction from the usual toward the normal.

Have a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for reading these newsletters, and thank you to the many customers who have lent me their generosity and vision to create.