The Pressure of Life

Deadlines are coming. Things are being added even as the list stretches on and on. Life is pressing in on us. Sometimes we find ourselves in the same position, seemingly, as the young parents at two in the morning with twins.

The hard thing to remember is that it is life that is pressing. We can see ourselves as victims when often it is the combined load of blessings that we feel on our hearts. We feel we are going to be engulfed by detail and a lack of resources. Still, it is life that presses us. I once heard Eric Clapton say that, when he went to a Van Halen concert, the sound was so overwhelming that there were only two choices: go home or give in and let it have you.

We have one day at a time, one act to perform per moment. It’s all we can do. We can’t go home. We have to be immersed in life. We have to let the pressure of life in.