The Old Guard

This year for Mother’s Day, our first without Sharon in over 50 years, we decided to plant geraniums. My idea had been a donation to The American Friends Service Committee, but my daughter thought flowers would be much more appropriate, and I agreed (along with my son and grandson).

I remembered (or thought I did) that Sharon’s mother used to plant geraniums in the garden around their house so geraniums it is. In a way, this was the old guard. They stood around the house. I don’t mean to imply anything mystical about this. To do so would be a travesty of the remembrance I have of Sharon’s mother and Sharon. They were imminently practical people. Geraniums are a hardy and easily handled flower (no soil amending, no special growth additives).

That’s how Mrs. Bruner and Sharon guarded their house and family. They sought to keep us hardy and easily living with no special needs beyond what might be special to our individual natures. Thus, Sharon, who had a gift for music, remembered seeing her mother place a radio for her under the Christmas tree. She saw it in the kitchen window reflection while she was doing the dishes. Sharon never felt entitled to a radio or special music training; she just went ahead and got them (either as gifts or as earned) as needed.

So, geraniums it is. Happy Mother’s Day.