The Moving Finger of Creativity

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tended to look with a certain amount of fondness on stories that feature the winning power of slowness. In fact, however, I work much faster now (and with fewer mistakes) than I did as a younger man.
My sense of perspective is sharper and my skills are higher. What this means is that as I get older and busier all at once, I work more steadily and with a better eye to solutions. I’ve taken the old saw, “the conflicts presented to you by your inability to set priorities and work toward your own goals does not constitute a crisis for me,” seriously. At the same time I am here to help you reconnect to a creative process that will produce fruit for you. My conception is sharpened concerning what can actually happen in making things when I and my resources are involved. I can push the envelope without jumping out of my skin. I can fix mistakes because I’ve made most of them already. Thus, I am enabled to follow the moving finger of creativity.