The Curse of a Good Idea

My general goal for this post has been to focus on the mind of a craftsperson. Thus, “craft” is seen primarily not as the nuts and bolts of building furniture. These things may be mentioned, but only as they are found in the mind or cause an effect on our thinking. My feeling has been that you can get the techniques of building in any of hundreds of books and articles far better than I can provide them. Here “craft” is presented as an attitude of the mind as we work upon the environment of building.  From this general standpoint, I say a good idea can be a curse. I’ve heard various writers make this statement. The problem with a good idea is that it has the potential to move your mind into illusion. It can fool  you into thinking the job is all but done when, in fact, it’s hardly begun. Ideas are powerful things, but only if they are linked to actions.  Yogi Berra is famously quoted as saying, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Take an action. Link your idea with a decision, an act of the will. Otherwise, you’re just blowing smoke. The “craft” frame of mind depends upon this link. It does not thrive upon the illusion which is the curse of a good idea.