Storm Clouds

In 1954, I believe, Hurricane Carol rumbled through southeastern Massachusetts. At the time our family was living in a redone boy scout clubhouse. All that held it to the ground were the pipes. There was also a big tree right next to the house. As the storm raged on, our living room floor flapped like a flag, and everything in the house strained. I was not afraid, however, for two reasons: it was all new and exciting (I was 7), and my mother had been through stuff and would get us through this, too. From that day storm clouds have slightly scared me, but more they have piqued my interest and excitement. There’s something going on behind them and through them that’s like the big drum in a parade. It goes right through me.

That’s the way I relate to black walnut. It’s dark and deep. There’s something in it that reaches out and, in the end overcomes me. This table is also an example of what happens when the Aristotilian mean is used. The height of the table combined with that of the shelf is pleasing to my eye as well as their relative diameters. It seems to flow, or better, explode, off the floor.

Bourgeois Furniture has just become associated with a new venue: Bent River Trading Company on highway 50 in Capon Bridge, WV. My furniture is on consignment out there along with some of my easels. I met Kierstan Alderman in person last weekend and am impressed with the professionalism combined with the humanity with which she runs her store.

I am also in St. Nick’s Market at the Berkeley Art Works in Martinsburg, again with easels. You can see my furniture there, too. Berkeley Art Works is on North Queen Street in Martinsburg, WV.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank the many people who have supported my efforts in furniture making through purchases, hints and just plain friendliness.