Me Not Watching Me

Even though I’ve been accused of it often enough, I’ve never been the kind of person who could show off. Every time I’ve tried, I’ve made a pig’s breakfast of it. The best only comes out of me when I can get my mind on the project at hand and not on my doing it. The picture for today finds

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The title of this post is my word for things being awry somehow. When setting design, I find myself sometimes trapped by a kind of beauty. It reminds me of Barbie, the doll. Its mark is complete sameness on each side of the design. In this form of beauty, every difference is seen as a deformity. From a human point

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Since I became a contractor, I also became the answer man. Actually, this first happened in my life when I entered parenthood. In our family, my impression is that I revolved in a satellite’s orbit around the center: my wife. I was only called in when the wheels began to fall off. By that point, an answer had to be

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