Wooden Life

The adjective, “wooden”, tends to mean stiff and unfeeling. This just isn’t true for my life. My life is surrounded by wood. Indeed, I get my life force largely through wood. Most of the time I’m in wood that is cured for furniture. The picture for today, however, is another side of the blessing wood is in my life. It

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Now Me

My picture for today is some cherry on my trailer. I’d just gone to my supplier (Hicksville Lumber) and bought some 8/4 and 4/4 dried stock. Now they store their wood in warehouses that only keep the rain off so their wood is acclimated to the outside. Wood adjusts to the humidity in the air around it, drawing in or

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During my checkered career in academia, I studied toward an MBA. At some point, I realized that the combined expense and time I was investing was not worth the effort for what I really was aiming toward. Still, it gave me some understanding of the forces behind prices and a way to organize my costs. I saw that in general,

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