Star Flowers

The picture for today is of some star flower hot pads (for drinks, or, used in tandem, serving plates on the table or sideboard). They come in sets of four with a little stand to hold them. The flowers are somewhere in the neighborhood of 8”-10” wide and ¾” thick and sell for $40/set. They can be ordered or bought

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The Moving Finger of Creativity

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tended to look with a certain amount of fondness on stories that feature the winning power of slowness. In fact, however, I work much faster now (and with fewer mistakes) than I did as a younger man. My sense of perspective is sharper and my skills are higher. What this means is that as I

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Learning To Lean

I once worked with a political organizer in the Little Rock, Arkansas area who had a unique gift. She was able to put her finger on the highest values before us, define them in ways that we could see what they were, and help us to take regular daily steps to achieve them. I can remember our group being mired

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