New and Old

A wolf howling at the moon is an old theme in my memory. For instance, I can remember K.D. Lang singing a song about why the wolf howls at a get together around the winter Olympics in Western Canada many years ago. In our collection of work, however, this piece represents a blending of the old and new. The new

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Plain Jane

Around 2010, Joe, my son, and I were given a chance to apply for display at Tamarack, the center for the arts in West Virginia. The application process included bringing a sample piece for comment by one of the staff. At that meeting, we were told that our work needed some maturing. We could apply for jurying, but he didn’t

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Beauty Is Boring

Like all statements, the title of this post goes too far. All beauty is not boring. Some is actually interesting, even intriguing. In order for it to be so, however, there must be an open question, one which draws me and/or you forward into the beauty. There must be something not expected or something missing that should be there. There

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