I once worked for a man who told me that he loved to watch a good carpenter to see how he or she handled their mistakes. Graciously, he saw me as a good carpenter – he certainly saw my mistakes. Mistakes can rule your mind through fear, or they can be a source of great freedom. Some of us try

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A Path Through the Woods

As boys, my brother and I were constantly getting lost in the woods. This was mainly because we thought that every space between trees that wasn’t grown up with brush constituted a path. Once we had gotten away from the edge of the woods, we were lost. That happens when your reference is the path of least resistance. I once

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Living Wood

One of the fascinating things about wood is that it continues to have some characteristics of life after it is cut down and removed from its source of nutrients. Its cellular structure (life a set of soda straws) continues to fill and empty of fluid, depending on the humidity and wetness in its vicinity. As these cells fill, the wood

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