Same Ole Same Ole

The past few weeks we have been looking at coffee tables.  We started with a three legged model and then moved to a four legged coffee table with an inlay in the top.  This week, we are looking at a plain Jane coffee table. I have moved in this direction because it is how my work goes.  I start with

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Through Us

The gift of our creativity is poured through us. It does not come from us. We are not its source in any sense. This is the main point about creativity. Whether, for instance, it comes to us in a flash or over a period of time through the skill developed through practice is quite beside the point. I have experienced

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My family and I lived in an old community up in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas for a few years. We met many wonderful people, and, as you might expect, not a few of these people had sayings and ways of thinking that were different from what we usually saw outside the community. One of those sayings was: “You’re not

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