Bearing Down

Over the past few weeks we have looked at the inability of an idea to keep our minds clear and focused on the truth and the necessity for us to find and remember who we are in craft work. This week I am looking a little closer at the precise place for an idea linked to an action (willing).  Much

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Paul Tournier, a noted Swiss physician and author, once developed a kind of short-hand for the categories that psychiatrists and psychologists might use to organize their thoughts about various patients. He said that, in general, they could be loosely seen as pigeons and chickens. When confronted with a challenge, people who were pigeons organized themselves quickly to meet it (much

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The Curse of a Good Idea

My general goal for this post has been to focus on the mind of a craftsperson. Thus, “craft” is seen primarily not as the nuts and bolts of building furniture. These things may be mentioned, but only as they are found in the mind or cause an effect on our thinking. My feeling has been that you can get the

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