A Cutting Edge

Most of the time I’ve heard this term used it has been to denote a new phase in the work to be done. I am taking on a new project or trying a new technique. When I was at the beginning of my woodworking life, the idea of a cutting edge was beyond me. I was just trying to survive.

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Three Months On

The overall purpose of this blog is to expose the roots within me (my life experiences, my challenges, my gifts, and any other factors which come to bear) for my woodworking. You, the readers of this work, have been patient and kind to accept these thoughts. In fact, writing them down week in and week out is a great gift

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I wish I could tell you that all goes swimmingly all the time, but it doesn’t. One of the issues, when you do whatever anyone wants, is that you are into a process you haven’t used for a while. This means that the little details of the operation are sometimes forgotten. In this case, it was with three pieces for

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