Mastery of Mystery

I have indicated that the essence of what I mean by mystery (as seen in the wild cherry grain of the table top) is that it comes from somewhere unreachable by us. It has its own why and how to reach us. It affects us. Therefore, we know it by how it works on us. It reveals itself to us.

We may not know why it reaches across the gap, but we know that it has an effect on us. Again, we may not know how it reaches across the gap between us and it, but we can know the means on our side by which we see it and feel it. After all, it has to use ways that our brain and body can identify it. Otherwise, we are totally unaware of it.

Wild Cherry, 16″ diameter x 30″ high

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All this is in the top of the table with the wild cherry grain. We find beauty here and a power which reaches beyond us. What role does mastery play here?

Mastery seems to imply control over the materials and tools necessary to accomplish a project. Suppose, instead, it is brought into being by obedience to the vision the mystery provides and its ways of reaching out to us. This makes it not so much an act of creation as a help in revelation. All this is in the table top, moving us as it does by the demands of the materials and tools, shaped as they are by the vision given to us.