Macavity Wasn’t There

he title for this week’s article comes from a poem by T.S. Eliot about cats and then the Broadway show, Cats.  Macavity was the criminal cat who was never there when something bad happened.  That’s what I see in this carved cat quietly watching the birds.  I just know that in an instant the cat and one of the birds will be gone.

The carving is a chip carving by my son, Joe. Joe attended the John C. Campbell School in North Carolina to take a class in chip carving. He had been carving things before without any training. His work then seemed to many of us around him to indicate talent in this way. Therefore, we discussed it, and he went. That was over ten years ago. You can find his work here, and the festivals we attend, Berkeley Art Works in Martinsburg and Orr’s Farm Market in Arden, WV.

Also, we are preparing to enter the Old Town Vibes program in Old Town Winchester several Saturdays in July. Joe, an excellent guitar player, will also be busking at this event.

Finally, last Saturday we met several of you at the Orr’s Farm Market Art Show in Arden. It was nice to meet you,