In Good Time

The title of this post designates the next step up from ASAP. It means that everything must fall into place in order that the good might be established. Thus, the desired outcome may not occur as we want it, but only as the good is satisfied.

Added to this is something I began to realize through my reading. Sometimes, I like to read works by physicists and astronomers that popularize their fields. These readings do not depict the hard nuts and bolts of their professions, but works that generalize and put things in a way that help me to picture what they’re facing and the issues they’re attempting to resolve. It was during one of these readings that I began to see the general nature of time to these people. It is not an empty space that stretches out as things fill it, etc. Rather, it is a series of events that occur and which can be measured. The specific things that happen are determined by energy and other events (in one way of looking at them).

Thus, good time for me is the gathering of means and ends that are good. These good things do not always fit together well. Rather, they establish a step to a better place. They may call, as Winston Churchill is famously to have said, blood, toil, tears, and sweat, but they are established as we become better people.

In my church, I am often asked why I am thankful. My answer is I am thankful for wood. Through it, I have gained so many good things. Thanks to wood, I can work in good time.