End Of An Era

Today marks the first full day after my wife’s death yesterday afternoon at Winchester Medical Center.  The help was terrific, but there are just some things that you can’t make better.

I’m writing this to all of you because I know that some of you knew her and because I want to explain why there is no picture for this week or helpful (I hope) tips.  There be no service and Sharon will be cremated as per her request.  Our family will be gathering for a private meal somewhere in memory of her.

It’s no secret that I married up in this relationship.  She could see herself fairly accurately and always described herself as average.  That was correct, and she brought me up to that.  When I first saw her at a camp on Cape Cod, I was overcome with the thought that I would never be as good a man as I could be without her.  Now comes the acid test.

Sharon supported me in all my endeavors (and I mean really supported me).  I remember once was stuck on an assignment for school, and she told me that I was working my mouth when I should be  working my hands.  She was behind me when I was a teacher, a minister (until she became one herself), a contractor and now a furniture builder.  Every morning during her series of illnesses I would leave her to go build furniture, cut wood or grass or work on some other home related process.  She’d hug my neck, and off I’d go.

In this and other ways, she was built inside me, and this is my comfort now.  I’ll stay with the furniture after a little while, and work as I always have (steadily with my hands and not my mouth).