Custom Furniture

Bourgeois Furniture, Cabinets & More specializes in custom furniture.

What this means is determined by the overall goals for my business growth. Every business needs to grow to be a living entity.

What differentiates businesses in this way is the position it is trying to take on a growth continuum. Think of each type of growth as existing on a line stretched between profitability on one end and individual customer development on the other.

In between these extremes are things like growth in technical skill, capital design, listening ability, financial and labor management, advertising, etc.

The continuum of growth represents the general outlines of the mutual contributions made in any business transaction. Ideally, both sides should grow somehow so a good business should tend somewhere near the middle of the continuum. Otherwise, one side or the other becomes overly passive.

For instance, a customer lets the builder determine what is needed, or builder is just a tool of a customer, making furniture at a loss.

Therefore at Bourgeois Furniture, Cabinets & More, custom means trying to aid a customer to be active in his or her living space decision making. I attempt to consider the possibilities of wood, the financial and time constraints we are under and the dreams of the customer as we work together for a better living space.

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