Trying to make connection; that seems to be the story of my life. Whether it has been with particular people or between wood and wood, I have struggled with this goal.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I cannot force connection. As with two pieces of wood, each needing to be the same shape and square to its other surfaces, so with people personalities and interests must match.

My biggest problem is confidence here. I get in a hurry because I want things to turn out a certain way (people and wood). I recognize that I don’t have the strength to make things happen, so I force things. I have some ruined furniture and friendships behind me that give testimony to this.

Today, you have the blank for a 4’ by 8’ cherry table which, when sanded and smoothed, should be a good showing of my abilities in this particular instance.

We’ll see.


You can find Bourgeois Furniture at Berkeley Art Works in Martinsburg, WV or at Bent River Trading Co. in Capon Bridge, WV.