Let’s assume for a moment that the basis of reality is not a system of forces with cause and effect relationships on one level and unfathomable juxtapositions on another.  Suppose the central factor in our social reality is not economic with the inexorable supply and demand of goods and services that denotes.  What if the forces of public opinion and military might are not the most powerful in our world today?  How about if those who would be the moral and ethical arbiters of our lives are not even close to what life is?  There is something else: a person.  This person is the basis of reality, the first imprint of our social life, the power above and behind all power and the right.  This is what Christmas means to me.  It is the celebration of this person’s coming here in all specificity, a baby layed in an animal’s feeding trough.  This baby represents no system, be it a theology, economic or political ideology, science or ethic.  This last might sound jarring to some because, after all, one of the baby’s names is love.  Put that in everyday life, though, and it becomes hard to define specifically.  Our key relationship is the one we have with this person.  So, Merry Christmas, from Bourgeois Furniture.  May you find the abundance which is for you to explore in the year ahead.