When Spooky Things Are Seen

My wife and I stream our entertainment through a Roku device. Also, we get whatever we can free. This means that we see commercials (sometimes 120 seconds worth at once) that repeat themselves. One which has been going the rounds is about a group of young people who are in a horror film. When given the choice of getting into

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As a boy, I can remember doing what seemed huge jigsaw puzzles with my mother and brother. I was reminded of this recently by my brother’s return to this hobby. I liked doing the puzzles, but children and then grandchildren precluded my being able to do any that took any time. Also, part of the fun was doing them with

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Star Flowers

The picture for today is of some star flower hot pads (for drinks, or, used in tandem, serving plates on the table or sideboard). They come in sets of four with a little stand to hold them. The flowers are somewhere in the neighborhood of 8”-10” wide and ¾” thick and sell for $40/set. They can be ordered or bought

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