Piece By Piece

In my shop, there is one slogan: “Every day put your hands on the wood.” I have had a shop now for over 15 years, and I adopted that when I first started. It was a time when people could stay away from my stuff easily, and I went a few years selling two or three different pieces I went

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Smoothed and Shaped

The picture you see today is one large part of the tabletop (there are two large – 3’ – and two small – 2’ – sections). The two smaller sections are extension pieces. The two previous newsletters on this project detailed formation and connection. In these latter two steps, I dimensioned the top as to thickness, length and width. Now

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Wooden Life

The adjective, “wooden”, tends to mean stiff and unfeeling. This just isn’t true for my life. My life is surrounded by wood. Indeed, I get my life force largely through wood. Most of the time I’m in wood that is cured for furniture. The picture for today, however, is another side of the blessing wood is in my life. It

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