Simmer Down

Above you see the mantra (not to say the anthem) of the old white guy. This is his answer to anything when things are moving fast and getting bunched up. Just simmer down. Like all these old saws, it has its place. A look at the pictures I’ve sent out will give you what I walked into when I returned

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Guess What?

One very humid day this past week with the temperature into the nineties, I was hand-sanding some chair parts (what else?) when I thought I heard some squeaking. I looked around and located the sound from under the end of a pile of wood in a rack. There was a black cat that had been roaming our property with five

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Blanks Are Blank

Tabula rasa, a blank slate, that’s what some philosopher I read about in school thought a child was. His term became entwined with its opposite to become the nature versus nurture debate in education. What you see today is to some degree a blank slate. Just as we all learned whoever tried to teach (or raise children), neither side of

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