Now Me

My picture for today is some cherry on my trailer. I’d just gone to my supplier (Hicksville Lumber) and bought some 8/4 and 4/4 dried stock. Now they store their wood in warehouses that only keep the rain off so their wood is acclimated to the outside. Wood adjusts to the humidity in the air around it, drawing in or

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Holding On

Today with this newsletter, you see a side chair. It is a chair that is in its middle shape. By this, I mean that it is not in its probable last shape. Right now, it is waiting for a new back design. I was informed at the last festival I attended that the ladder was uncomfortable because of the place

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I tend to divide the word creation into three meanings: ♦brand new ♦new to me ♦and new right now. The first kind of creation is something we don’t get to do. In order to bring something into the world this way, we couldn’t use what is here already with its potentialities. For instance, there’s an old joke about some scientists

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