Blanks Are Blank

Tabula rasa, a blank slate, that’s what some philosopher I read about in school thought a child was. His term became entwined with its opposite to become the nature versus nurture debate in education. What you see today is to some degree a blank slate. Just as we all learned whoever tried to teach (or raise children), neither side of

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Piece By Piece

In my shop, there is one slogan: “Every day put your hands on the wood.” I have had a shop now for over 15 years, and I adopted that when I first started. It was a time when people could stay away from my stuff easily, and I went a few years selling two or three different pieces I went

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Smoothed and Shaped

The picture you see today is one large part of the tabletop (there are two large – 3’ – and two small – 2’ – sections). The two smaller sections are extension pieces. The two previous newsletters on this project detailed formation and connection. In these latter two steps, I dimensioned the top as to thickness, length and width. Now

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