The farther I go, the behinder I get.” A lot of the time that seems to be the mark of my progress in my craft. I just finished a mahogany credenza. It took a long time to complete, partly because I was also wrestling with a health issue (now overcome). Because of this and a storm of cats I endured

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In Good Time

The title of this post designates the next step up from ASAP. It means that everything must fall into place in order that the good might be established. Thus, the desired outcome may not occur as we want it, but only as the good is satisfied. Added to this is something I began to realize through my reading. Sometimes, I

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Underneath It All

You are looking, today, at the underside of the same table that you saw last week. When I first delivered it – just before Thanksgiving – we were able to get it together with a lot of effort. I got a call from the customer during my visit with my daughter over Thanksgiving. They couldn’t get it together without more

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