In Myself

Occasionally, I meet someone who seems to see my way of life (practicing a craft that takes skill, working alone, making pieces of unique furniture and wooden objets d’art) as a marvelous alternative to the pressure-packed life they have. This person might work in a large corporation where he or she is just a name or a number. His or

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The Other Way

It was during a period of psychological and aptitude testing in the orientation to my freshman year in college that I realized that I could not picture things in 3D. I could not picture a shape from another vantage point in my mind. This is a serious handicap for a furniture builder. Over the years, I have dealt with it

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I once worked for a man who told me that he loved to watch a good carpenter to see how he or she handled their mistakes. Graciously, he saw me as a good carpenter – he certainly saw my mistakes. Mistakes can rule your mind through fear, or they can be a source of great freedom. Some of us try

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