Little By Little

The picture you see today is a result of a collaboration between myself and the customer who is having this done. It is to become (actually already has become) an inlay at the corner of a dining room table. The opposing corner has a moon with a cloud across it. I had an original work that was meant to be

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One Potato. Two

I was telling my daughter what Halloween was for me back in the late 50’s and the early 60’s (when I was still young enough to go out trick-or-treating). We lived in a dangerous place. In fact, when I was in college, I heard a couple of people asked if they were ever afraid going out door to door. They

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Wookin’ for Wove

One year I was responsible for a children’s group meeting after school once a week. One of the participants was a five or six year old whose mother didn’t bring him. The school bus dropped him off. He lived with his mother in a run-down trailer about 10 miles away so I brought him home after the meeting. Because he

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