The Pressure of Life

Deadlines are coming. Things are being added even as the list stretches on and on. Life is pressing in on us. Sometimes we find ourselves in the same position, seemingly, as the young parents at two in the morning with twins. The hard thing to remember is that it is life that is pressing. We can see ourselves as victims

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All By Myself

Throughout these posts, I have struggled to keep it clear that I have many supporters who give me the room to do the work that is before me. This has a dual effect on me. It frees me to get going, and it frightens me to death. It sounds so cowardly to admit this last point. Yet, something deep inside

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Back In The Saddle

This humble piece represents my first work in the shop on a piece of furniture since I was diagnosed with kidney stones in December of last year. The process of healing was not a painful one for the most part, but it has taken a long time. My customers have shown a gracious and generous patience to me during this

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