Over the years I read the comic strip, Blondie, fairly often. What always confused me about it was that, although it was titled Blondie, it was, however, mostly about the doings of the husband, Dagwood. It was almost kung-fu-like in its misdirection.

Blondie, the character, was long-suffering, smart, and constantly having to live through the messes that her husband created. She was pretty, and a good mother who had to raise three children though she only had borne two.

That’s the situation with the table featured this week. It’s an outlier. Maple furniture is not all that desirable if I’m reading the comments and buying habits of the people who come to look at my furniture. Still, I can’t help building in maple. It’s beautiful, elegant if shaped and treated properly. Older furniture is often built of maple. Despite its weight, maple can give an impression of airiness.

Maple is analogous to being a handmade furniture maker in a world of factory clones. Blondie has her place.

Maple Table: 30”x16”, $225.00 plus shipping and handling. The same table at the same price can be had in red oak, and cherry. Black walnut costs $300.00.