Back In The Saddle

This humble piece represents my first work in the shop on a piece of furniture since I was diagnosed with kidney stones in December of last year. The process of healing was not a painful one for the most part, but it has taken a long time. My customers have shown a gracious and generous patience to me during this process which also has made it easier. Along with this my partner, Nancy, has given me a place, first to get better, and now to live permanently. I will continue to use my shop on a daily basis. My son and grandson are living in and, to an extent, caring for my house.

All this has meant a great deal of change, but it has been a good change, putting things on a better footing for me and my business going forward. My progress will have to be slow because being out of work for so long has taken away some of my physical strength. At 75 I’m not going to gain this back overnight, but I am hopeful that as time goes along and with the support of my friends and family I shall begin to be able to put more and more into my work.

For now, I’m doing a little bit at a time. I am also taking care of other sides of myself as a businessperson and a craftsperson. I am taking care of my taxes, for instance, and reading things that strengthen my inner self toward my design process. I have to say it’s fun to be back in the saddle.