Remember the table and chairs I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, we’re starting them this week. What you see in the pictures is the beginning of the table.   I have to work within my capabilities. I have a twenty-inch planer so I can’t possibly plane a 48” table all at once. Therefore, I have to make (in this

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Working Hard or Hardly Working

Being a child of the fifties and not necessarily a high culture person, what comes to my mind when I look at this pile of wood is the music from Rawhide “Rolling, rolling, rolling; keep those doggies rolling, rawhide.” The pile you are seeing is part of what came out of a dead oak tree which we cut down and

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Wooden Life

The adjective, “wooden”, tends to mean stiff and unfeeling. This just isn’t true for my life. My life is surrounded by wood. Indeed, I get my life force largely through wood. Most of the time I’m in wood that is cured for furniture. The picture for today, however, is another side of the blessing wood is in my life. It

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