Trying to make connection; that seems to be the story of my life. Whether it has been with particular people or between wood and wood, I have struggled with this goal. One thing I’ve noticed is that I cannot force connection. As with two pieces of wood, each needing to be the same shape and square to its other surfaces,

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Remember the table and chairs I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, we’re starting them this week. What you see in the pictures is the beginning of the table.   I have to work within my capabilities. I have a twenty-inch planer so I can’t possibly plane a 48” table all at once. Therefore, I have to make (in this

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Working Hard or Hardly Working

Being a child of the fifties and not necessarily a high culture person, what comes to my mind when I look at this pile of wood is the music from Rawhide “Rolling, rolling, rolling; keep those doggies rolling, rawhide.” The pile you are seeing is part of what came out of a dead oak tree which we cut down and

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