Ain’t They

To the best of my remembrance, he was a merchant marine sailor, getting older, who was on shore leave and staying with his niece and her family. His niece and her husband held a bible study at their home once a week, and he was there. During most of the study he had been very quiet. In fact, it was

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Holding On

For much of the time I have been writing these short essays, I have focused on the serendipity which seems to me to be inherent in our lives. The unexpected, the accidental happen to us all the time, and more so working with something like wood. Still, there is a whole other side of my work that centers on discipline.

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A Cutting Edge

Most of the time I’ve heard this term used it has been to denote a new phase in the work to be done. I am taking on a new project or trying a new technique. When I was at the beginning of my woodworking life, the idea of a cutting edge was beyond me. I was just trying to survive.

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