As a boy, I can remember doing what seemed huge jigsaw puzzles with my mother and brother. I was reminded of this recently by my brother’s return to this hobby. I liked doing the puzzles, but children and then grandchildren precluded my being able to do any that took any time. Also, part of the fun was doing them with

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When A Plan Comes Together

My son, when he was a boy, loved The A-Team. All kinds of phrases became common around our house either through the T.V. or repeated by him. “I pity da fool,” and “I love it when a plan comes together,” are two examples that I can remember. These were comic book statements in comic book world. Mr.T, who played B.A.

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To Err is Human

Boy, am I human. At one point in my life I was working with a crew on a construction project as the boss. As we worked along, I was able to tell people how to work around mistakes they had made as well as problems they ran into with the materials or the project itself. I realized they were looking

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