And Me

The road to a business is a variegated process. Who knows, as he or she goes in, what steps are finally going to be a plus either in terms of profit or in the way of better products. I have been in it, for instance, long enough to know that well-made whatever is not enough to ensure success. Neither, on

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Water Furniture

This is a set of nesting tables with a wiggle in their legs. It’s made of walnut with a bloodwood and maple horn o’plenty inlaid on the top. The effect I was aiming for is furniture standing in water. When a person looks at the tables stacked together, they do give the illusion of water at their bases. Now what

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I was setting up one time when someone walked over to look at my easels. This person said that he thought I had some sailboats set up. From a distance with their pointy tops, I can see that the mistake could be made, especially when some of them are shaped that way. This just goes to show how the perception

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