Little Things

This last Sunday, the first one in Advent, we sang Infant Holy, Infant Lowly. Sometimes I get a week like this with several smaller things to build. In this case, I have two easels with octagonal supports, some shelves (I made a mistake on them and have to repair it), a small box without a lid. I have bigger projects

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Storm Clouds

In 1954, I believe, Hurricane Carol rumbled through southeastern Massachusetts. At the time our family was living in a redone boy scout clubhouse. All that held it to the ground were the pipes. There was also a big tree right next to the house. As the storm raged on, our living room floor flapped like a flag, and everything in

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Over the years I read the comic strip, Blondie, fairly often. What always confused me about it was that, although it was titled Blondie, it was, however, mostly about the doings of the husband, Dagwood. It was almost kung-fu-like in its misdirection. Blondie, the character, was long-suffering, smart, and constantly having to live through the messes that her husband created.

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