easy Come…

  Well, you know the rest.  I have heard a phrase from customers (very few artisans will say this) at almost every encounter: if you love what you do, it must be easy.  This may be a reaction to the drudgery and unhappiness many of us feel in our work.  We are in large organizations where our point of view doesn’t count.  We are

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Who Cares?

  Throughout my work this question lingers, a soul-hungry ghost.  Who cares if I back up and do something better when no one – or very few will notice?  Who cares if I sacrificially stretch myself to new skills and designs which make my furniture better?  Who cares if I give myself and skills in service to my church and community?  Who cares? Lots

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The Real Deal

I interact with people around my work and artisinal work in general, I notice in them an anti-machine bias. For instance, I might receive a gracious compliment about my furniture followed by the statement: “It’s so nice to see people hand making furniture.”  Likewise, a presentation by noted artists in our area always seems to begin with how Western civilization ran

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