Holiday Secret

Many of us have a sense of entitlement around the holidays. It is a day we don’t have to work. For those of us whose work is controlled by people far away from us physically, socially and/or emotionally, this is a welcomed respite. It doesn’t matter if a person works for a large company or a small concern like mine.

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By The Seat Of My Pants

There are times when a design just comes out of my eye. I don’t use the Aristotilian mean or any other mathematical formula. I just fly by the seat of my pants. I look at and maybe draw it to find out what I’m going to do. In this case there are two examples: a large and a small. The

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I tend to divide the word creation into three meanings: ♦brand new ♦new to me ♦and new right now. The first kind of creation is something we don’t get to do. In order to bring something into the world this way, we couldn’t use what is here already with its potentialities. For instance, there’s an old joke about some scientists

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