Too Much Laughing Leads to Crying

This was a saying I think I heard first from my mother, although others said it too. It refers to the reactions we have when things go well and when they go badly. Its point is that overreacting to the good times makes it harder to bear the bad times. If there is a truth that should be declared boldly

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In Myself

Occasionally, I meet someone who seems to see my way of life (practicing a craft that takes skill, working alone, making pieces of unique furniture and wooden objets d’art) as a marvelous alternative to the pressure-packed life they have. This person might work in a large corporation where he or she is just a name or a number. His or

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The Other Way

It was during a period of psychological and aptitude testing in the orientation to my freshman year in college that I realized that I could not picture things in 3D. I could not picture a shape from another vantage point in my mind. This is a serious handicap for a furniture builder. Over the years, I have dealt with it

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