Water Furniture

This is a set of nesting tables with a wiggle in their legs. It’s made of walnut with a bloodwood and maple horn o’plenty inlaid on the top. The effect I was aiming for is furniture standing in water. When a person looks at the tables stacked together, they do give the illusion of water at their bases. Now what

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I was setting up one time when someone walked over to look at my easels. This person said that he thought I had some sailboats set up. From a distance with their pointy tops, I can see that the mistake could be made, especially when some of them are shaped that way. This just goes to show how the perception

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What Does It Mean

There is no sign or symbol of our nation which is as deeply embedded in our national consciousness as our flag. It is so intimately connected to all of us that it stands for the breadth of the American experience no matter a person’s politics, race or gender. It is used by conservatives and liberals alike no matter where they

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