Smoothed and Shaped

The picture you see today is one large part of the tabletop (there are two large – 3’ – and two small – 2’ – sections). The two smaller sections are extension pieces. The two previous newsletters on this project detailed formation and connection. In these latter two steps, I dimensioned the top as to thickness, length and width. Now

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Across the Divide

The picture you see today is of a box I did some time ago. It reflects two changes in my woodworking life. First, I wanted to move a little more fluidly in wood. That’s, at least, how I thought about it. I wanted to learn to inlay because it seemed a departure from the rather dull shaping that my work

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End Of An Era

Today marks the first full day after my wife’s death yesterday afternoon at Winchester Medical Center.  The help was terrific, but there are just some things that you can’t make better. I’m writing this to all of you because I know that some of you knew her and because I want to explain why there is no picture for this

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