Give It A Try

During the time of my life when I was a minister and then a general contractor, I wanted to build furniture. Somehow I never found the time and resources. There was always another job calling for my attention or a lack of resources I could not overcome. One Thanksgiving, Sharon and I made a plan with my daughter and her

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Getting It Together

From the picture for this post, you can see that the chairs are coming together. What you see are two captain’s chairs and one side chair. These chairs definitely come with some assembly required (for me, not for you). This is the culmination of seeing the design in my head after speaking with the person who has ordered them, getting

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Guess What?

One very humid day this past week with the temperature into the nineties, I was hand-sanding some chair parts (what else?) when I thought I heard some squeaking. I looked around and located the sound from under the end of a pile of wood in a rack. There was a black cat that had been roaming our property with five

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