It has always amazed me to see how great blessings enter our lives. I first heard the word ‘shaker’ on the show Leave It to Beaver. Beaver’s dad, Ward, grew up in Shaker Heights. I don’t know if it was ever mentioned that it was in Ohio or if I just imagined it was so. Also, I assumed that it

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Several years ago I was waiting for my grandson to get off his school bus when a truck parked across the street and a man who had met me – I did not remember him – a couple of years previous got out and called my name. He had some walnut he wanted me to look at in a lumber

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And Me

The road to a business is a variegated process. Who knows, as he or she goes in, what steps are finally going to be a plus either in terms of profit or in the way of better products. I have been in it, for instance, long enough to know that well-made whatever is not enough to ensure success. Neither, on

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