Entropy is the characteristic all things have to stay in their current state, whether in motion or in stillness. Unless an outside force acts upon a person or thing, he, she or it will tend to stay in motion or stillness. Our lives are completely devoid of entropy because there are always forces acting upon us. Change is our usual

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The farther I go, the behinder I get.” A lot of the time that seems to be the mark of my progress in my craft. I just finished a mahogany credenza. It took a long time to complete, partly because I was also wrestling with a health issue (now overcome). Because of this and a storm of cats I endured

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Using Our Powers for Good

Every once in a while one of my family members (sometimes me) runs into some tough going. That person will get frustrated and begin to be mad. Now, that’s one of those “ad” words that give me a guideline when things seem to be on the line: mad, sad, glad, bad. I’ve learned to avoid these things because the second

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