Not Much

I originally thought of titling this piece something like Art and Culture, but the title above tells a lot more about my relationship with culture as I try to produce what I call art. By culture, by the way, I mean what most of us denote when we use the word “Highbrow”. In this part of the country, I am

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Chop, Chip

There are several different jobs I have to do in building furniture that make me uneasy. I am afraid, I guess, that someone will come up and tell me that I can step aside now; the real woodworkers are here. This happens most often when I’m doing handwork. I made a decision when I started that I’d use electrically run

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Blanks Are Blank

Tabula rasa, a blank slate, that’s what some philosopher I read about in school thought a child was. His term became entwined with its opposite to become the nature versus nurture debate in education. What you see today is to some degree a blank slate. Just as we all learned whoever tried to teach (or raise children), neither side of

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