The Mother of Invention

The picture you see today is a result of my invention. That doesn’t mean that it is the only one in existence, just that I don’t remember ever seeing it before. Certainly, I never made one before. As you know, necessity is the mother of invention. That, however, cannot be defined very easily. I learned that necessity could be defined

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A Bird in the Hand

Before you today, you see a bird hovering over a flower. The bird and the stand are cherry, and the flower is Norwegian maple with a bloodwood inlay. This is, of course, to some degree an abstraction. All drawings, paintings or any representative art is. Some feature of the natural or human world is abstracted to be emphasized over other

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Up in the Air

This week marks the passing of one of my all-time heroes: Bill Russell. I came to know about Mr. Russell during the years he played for the Boston Celtics. He was a force of nature. The games he played against Wilt Chamberlain were true tests of courage and fortitude. After the end of his playing days (he coached for a

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