At Long Last

The picture for today is of me and an at last finished project. You see a table and a few chairs. The entire set is for eight chairs and two more extenders so that the table is eight feet long.

While the picture is not patently wrong it reminds me of a teacher’s comment on Marx’s quote: religion is the opiate of the masses. My teacher said that that wasn’t a stupid remark, just inadequate. On that day there were three other people in the room: the customer, my partner, Nancy, and her daughter’s partner. The customer got caught up in my wife’s death back in April. She had to put off her plans until I could get my legs under me and then work through the process while doing my usual yearly summer mowing. She showed the patience even when my first attempt, which I got in there for Thanksgiving, wouldn’t close adequately. Finally, though, I got it made. My partner and her daughter’s partner were there to help me get the table together and set up.

All this neglects the people who provided the lumber and the many instructors I had in person and in books through the years. Every project in which I participate involves the help of others. So, congratulations to us.