A Good Idea

I have heard it said by writers far better than I that the worst thing in the world when you’re writing is a good idea. That seems counter-intuitive. A good idea would seem to be the sine qua non of any good writing.

I think, though, that it’s like a straight-on pool shot where you can’t get a little angle to get to your next ball. It’s probably also like a problem-free design where you can’t feel the composition grow under your watch.

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Some of the most interesting and intriguing work I’ve done began when I couldn’t see a way through to solve a problem in my original design. I feel the worst work I’ve done has been when I just didn’t work to tie the design together so that there were no problems.

The real purpose of a good idea is for me to abandon it, or part of it, and move to a higher plain. A good idea is not the answer; it’s the question.