Artistry, Balance, Vision

At Bourgeois Furniture we are focused upon a very simple mission: helping you make your house a home.

This mission draws its vision from the crafts tradition in Great Britain and America since the early 19th century. We understand that with the industrial revolution there arose two approaches to bringing beauty and comfort to our living spaces. The newer one is mass production. The genius of this approach is that in the triumvirate of the consumer, the materials and the machine, the machine is preeminent, and thus more products are available at lower prices. This approach, however, brings its own problems, and that is the reason the crafts approach, an older means to supplying products for our living spaces survives today.

Mass production with its reliance on the machine has tended to alienate the laborer and limit the involvement of the consumer in the design possibilities for his or her living space. That is the cookie cutter approach. The crafts approach has tended toward putting the laborer and the consumer first in the design and production process. This has been expressed by a generally high degree of skill in working with the materials by hand and a development of creative designs meant to catch the consumer’s eye.

Bourgeois Furniture, Cabinets & More attempts to take this crafts approach one step further. With creativity and form following function, unique pieces and environments are realized. We are seeking to increase your involvement, as consumer, in your living space. To collaborate in the designer’s range of possibilities makes things innovative and original. Mostly, it makes it yours.

Our mission is to engage you in developing the vision for what your living space can be, in other words, to help you make your house a home.

When you look at our website you should not see various lines of furniture. Rather you should see roads and vistas our artistry and technical skill can enable you to traverse in developing your environment. Look forward to the journey, we’re glad to be with you. We’re glad you’re home.