Custom Value

Much is said about custom furniture and objects d’art that says outright or implies that they are a good investment. In other words, they will accrue in monetary value over time. This may or may not be true.

For instance, a good house fire will knock the future value right out of our possessions. What the above statement doesn’t really delve into is the activity of investing. It does not take into consideration the breadth and depth of the values we are attempting to enhance.

Even saying we want to increase our money supply does not say much because money is fungible. We can spend it on anything, anything we think will enhance our lives. In this light we are always investing unless we have been oppressed so badly we’ve given up on life.

Investing takes on all shapes. Some have said that our homes lie along a continuum which has roost at one end and perch at the other. For some of us a home is more a place of nurture, a roost. We are fed and cared for there. For others it is a place from which we can launch into the outside world, a perch. We are retooled there for our mission in the world. We are all somewhere along this continuum with roost and perch assuming more or less importance according to which end we are closer to.

Investing in our home, as opposed to our house, means that we locate ourselves on that continuum. We stop judging ourselves for who are not and start celebrating our lives and perspectives. We find, in other words, the furnishings which will help us to grow as who we are.

Now there’s an increase in value.